As many of you already know, we here in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN get even a little more festive and merry at this time of the year. That’s why we always show some of our favorite features in December like last week’s Starman presentation.

And this week, the fun just keeps on flowin’!!!

Join UNCLE PETE in the DARK VAULT LABORATORY this Saturday night for a funtime fiesta of animated action when we present THE CAVALCADE OF CARTOON CARNAGE! UNCLE PETE will be bringing you some of the greats of the cartoon universe from the early days and onward. You’ll see loads of dancing, singing, destructive robots run amok, cats boozin’ it up, and explosions! And TUBAS! It’s a fair guess to say you won’t find many other channels featuring TUBAS this Saturday night! But UNCLE PETE has ’em and some tidbits of knowledge about those toons so near and dear to his version of reality.  Plus, there’ll be a few wacky DARK VAULT hi-jinx (hi-jinxes?) thrown in for good measure!

We’re in full-swingin’ Christmas mode in THE VAULT and we’ll be keeping it going over the next two weeks as well with the annual DARK VAULT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL next week (December 24th) and the NEW YEAR”S SPECTACULAR the following week (December 31st).
So take time out from shopping and decorating, brew up a fresh batch of Rat Nog and settle in this Saturday night, December 17, 2011, for THE CAVALCADE OF CARTOON CARNAGE with UNCLE PETE in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!!! (Seen in the Greater and lesser Broome County area on cable channel 4 every Saturday night from 10PM to Midnight.)


~ by UNCLE PETE on December 16, 2011.

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