Vito Gold Tickles The Ivories At The Dark Vault New Year's Eve Party

The year is coming to a close, and UNCLE PETE and the DARK VAULT gang are planning a big send off as usual. UNCLE PETE is slated to be the Grand Marshal of the annual New Year’s Eve Parade in Stockton, California. Unfornately, the Clones made the travel arrangements and UNCLE PETE is headed to Stockton, Canada instead. But fear not, UNCLE PETE will be bringing you all the festivities, celebrations and the parade from the other Stockton, anyway. Plus, there’ll be that annual DARK VAULT New Year’s Eve Tradition – the Dropping Of The Lighted Rat at midnight to usher in the new year (or at least the new year in Dark Vault time).
And, as usual, UNCLE PETE will be bringing you some choice bits of cinema including a Three Stooges short and the feature presentation – Pride Of The Bowery with Leo Gorcey and Bobby Jordan.
So join UNCLE PETE, the Clones, Vito Gold, and Muggs and the Gang this Saturday night, December 31, 2011, at 10PM til midnight (on cable channel 4 in the Binghamton area) for an all out New Year’s Celebration! We’re bringing you the only entertainment you need for your New Year’s Eve Party – who knows, Guy Lombardo might even show up! – next time in The Dark Vault Of Public Domain!!!


~ by UNCLE PETE on December 29, 2011.

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