Wonder how to shake those winter blahs? Join UNCLE PETE this Saturday for a little moon tanning fun! Watch UNCLE PETE and EL VATO soak up some moonrays as they bring you this week’s feature from 1976 – Track Of The Moon Beast starring Chase Cordell and Leigh Drake.  Cordell plays Paul G. Carlson, a rock hound who gets bonked in the head by a hunk of alien meteorite.  Not long after, some of the locals, including one poor soul coming home from bowling, start turning up slashed and hacked and generally in a pretty unhealthy dead condition.  And no known animal could have made those marks (except for maybe someof the guests at one of the DARK VAULT All-night shindigs).  The only clue is some ancient American Indian paintings (always a good place to look for clues).  Directed by Richard Ashe and co-written by Bill Finger whose writing credits also include episodes of the Batman TV series, 77 Sunset Strip and The Green Slime, it’s Track Of The Moon Beast!

         Meanwhile, UNCLE PETE and Max enjoy the beautiful moonlit night and several moon related refreshments.  So, break out a fresh jug of moonshine and bake up a moon pie (take one can of moon filling, poor into a frozen 9″ pie crust, cover with the second crust and bake for 35 minutes at 1200 degrees) and join UNCLE PETE Saturday (January 21, 2012) at 10PM on channel 4 for the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!  (Remember – always use Moonscreen, at least MPF -4.)


~ by UNCLE PETE on January 20, 2012.

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