Attention all you lovers of shootin’, ridin’, brawlin. and a little comedy – get ready for this Saturday’s DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!  UNCLE PETE brings you our favorite Italian duo in the Spaghetti Western Classic from 1970 – They Call Me Trinity.  Directed and written by Enzo Barboni, They Call Me Trinity stars Terence Hill as Trinity and Bud Spencer as Bambino.

     Bambino is the acting sheriff in a small town – acting because he left the real sheriff for dead with a broken leg and took over for him while he waits for his bad guy buddies to show up.  When Trinity rolls into town, we find that the two are brothers.  Bambino, who sees Trinity as a worthless, shiftless, no account saddle tramp, isn’t exactly thrilled.  Meanwhile, an evil rancher – Major Harriman played by Farley Granger  – is trying to run a bunch of Mormons off their land so he can take it over and let his horses frolic on it.  Trinity, who has become enamored of a couple of attractive Mormon girls, convinces his brother that they should help the Mormons fight this evil land grabber.  Fightin’ and fun ensue in this action packed horse opera also knows as My Name Is Trinity.

    As many of you loyal Vaulters know, UNCLE PETE is more than a little involved in the great pastime of Keggling.  Well, UNCLE PETE is off on his ’round the world bowling tour, challenging the best planet Earth has to offer.  Unfortunately, UNCLE PETE runs into a little trouble with the security staff at the German Airport.  It seems some of the stuff that UNCLE PETE typically travels with has Airport Security a bit concerned.

     Will Trinity and Bambino save the Mormons?  Will UNCLE PETE reign as the International Keggling Champion?  Will UNCLE PETE  survive the luggage and cavity searches of German Customs Agents?  Tune in this Saturday night (February 11, 2012) at 10PM on channel 4 for the answers on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!


~ by UNCLE PETE on February 9, 2012.

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