The smoking lamp is lit – and so are UNCLE PETE and EL VATO – in the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!  Join UNCLE PETE for an evening in the DARK VAULT DEN as he brings you the 1936 cult classic scare film REEFER MADNESS!  Originally released as Tell Your Children, an anti-marijuana educational film, it stars Carleton Young (as Jack) and Thelma White (as Mae) – a couple of scurvy pot dealers.  They are assisted in part by Ralph Wiley (played by Dave “Tex” O’Brien), a strung out, unbalanced ex-college student (see what college does to you, kids!)

     They soon get youths Jimmy (Warren McCollum) and Bill (Kenneth Craig) turned on to some real good cigarettes.  And so starts their downward slide in the dark, destructive world of cannabis.  Mae’s friend vamps Bill, Jimmy’s sister Mary (Dorothy Short) gets hooked and all heck breaks loose!       


Reefer Madness is probably the greatest departure from the usual fare for Dark Vault Fave Dave “Tex” O’Brien who spent much of his long career in westerns (many with Tex Ritter) and several East Side Kids movies.  Originally intended as an educational movie directed at parents to warn them about the pitfalls of pot, Reefer Madness made its move into cult movie super stardom after NORML founder Keith Stroup bought a cheap copy in 1971 and began to circulate it in the college movie circuit.

     Meanwhile,  back at the Dark Vault, UNCLE PETE seems to be feeling the effects of something El Vato is burning.  But while relaxing in the den, he brings you the usual offbeat assortment of shorts, a little film from the 60’s called Keep Off The Grass and a musical interlude called Radiation Baby Azul stops by to demonstrate a new use for one of the many indispensable devices from the Vito Gold Empire ™, UNCLE PETE tickles the ivories at accelerated speed and indulges in a few refreshments and snacks along the way.  

    The Dark Vault goes green this Saturday night, February 25 at 10PM on channel 4.  It’s murder, debauchery, and some mighty fast piano playing in and out of the Dark Vault Den as UNCLE PETE bring you the 1936 cult classic Reefer Madness on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!


~ by UNCLE PETE on February 23, 2012.

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