It’s an evening of trans-Atlantic action and Italian intrigue (not to mention lots of car chasin’ and lots of shootin’) on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN.  Join UNCLE PETE for this week’s feature presentation Death Rage.  From 1976, this stars Yul Brynner as Peter (gotta love character with that name) Marciani, a retired hit man living in New York City (so that’s where they go when they retire).  He gets word that somebody has croaked his brother back in the Old Country and decides to take the job of evening the score.  He heads to Naples (if the Clones had made the arrangements he woulda wound up in Florida).  While on the trail of his target, he acquires Angelo (Massimo Ranieri),  a hit man in training, as his side kick, and a bit of interested feminine pulchritude (Barbara Bouchet).  But it’s not a simple hit, as he finds out his brother’s death was just done to try to lure our assassin hero into a trap.  Not only that, but the Commissario  (Martin Balsam) wants to settle Yul’s hash by means of incarceration.  Directed by Antonio Margheriti, it’s the 1976 thriller – Death Rage (aka – Con La Rabbia Agli Occhi).
     UNCLE PETE’s busy back in THE DARK VAULT with a little snack time instructional demonstration of how to make an Antonio Margherita ™ (in honor of the evening’s director) and some little known merchandising that Yul Brynner endorsed for VITO GOLD ENTERPRISES.  Plus, there’s an instructional short entitled The Trouble With Women brought to you by the Aluminum Company Of America from 1959 and a whole passel of shorts and trailers.  And Azul De Vaca waxes poetic (at least he thinks it’s poetry) about the apple of his eye, our feature’s starring female – Barbara Bouchet.

     So join UNCLE PETE this Saturday, March 30, 2012, at 10PM on channel 4 for Yul Brynner’s final cinematic appearance (at least this side of the grave).  It’s Death Rage, and it’s the next feature presentation on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!


~ by UNCLE PETE on March 30, 2012.

One Response to “YUL JUST LOVE THIS ONE!”

  1. Happy belated birthday and thanks for having lunch at that cool diner, next time I am in town we’ll have to do lunch again. Tommy

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