We here at THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN recently heard from Bill from Binghamton Classic Films.  Bill wanted to let us know that he not only watches but actually enjoys THE DVOPD!  Well, from UNCLE PETE and El Vato and all of us here in the DARK VAULT – thanks for watching and thanks for letting us know.  Since Bill has been able to view DARK VAULT shows and, to the best of our knowledge, has not suffered any long-lasting, detrimental effects from the experience, we’d like to let you know a little about his film gang.

     Binghamton Classic Films has been around the Binghamton area for a whole bunch of years and is dedicated to saving and showing classic movies on the big screen.  They currently screen their gems at Titchner Hall on the Broome Community College campus on upper Front Street in Binghamton.

     The big news this week is that this Saturday, June 9, 2012, they will be holding their annual fund drive.  It is this event that helps them raise money so they can save and purchase new films.  The movie they will have for this event is China Seas starring Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Wallace Beery.  In addition, they will be raffling off over 60 great prizes.  And the raffle tickets are really cheap even by Dark Vault standards.  It all gets underway at 7PM so you’ll probably even get out in time to see most if not all of Saturday’s DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN (but if you’re worried about not getting home in time, just remember to set up the Betamax to start recording channel 4 at 10PM.

     You can find out more about BCF and see what they have scheduled in the  coming months at  So thanks again to Bill and any of the other BCF’ers who watch THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN and make sure the rest of you get on out to their annual fund drive this Saturday night!


~ by UNCLE PETE on June 8, 2012.

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