If there’s anybody who knows how to accessorize, it’s VITO GOLD.  And as VITO GOLD himself will tell you, the dames love accessorizin’, even prehistoric cave dames.  So join VITO GOLD as he hosts The Dark Vault Of Public Domain!.     UNCLE PETE is still having a little trouble getting back from Rome, Italy after a little international confusion concerning the destruction of The Dark Vault facility.  So VITO will be bringing you the feature presentation from 1968 – Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Woman.  If you’ve ever seen Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet, you have already seen a good portion of this film as well.  That’s because director Peter Bogdanovich (hiding under a pseudonym) compiled parts of a few movies and came up with this one.  And one of the parts he came up with has some pretty good parts herself.  It stars Mamie VanDoren as Moana, the leader of a race of telepathic prehistoric-like women on an alien planet.  A group of astronauts lands on the planet and disturbs the women’s peaceful existing including blasting the giant bird creature that the women idolize.  The powers of the women’s minds turn the powers of nature against these astro-interlopers and action ensues.  Produced by Roger Corman, it’s Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women.

     There are also a bunch of trailers and tidbits as well as Way Stations In Space, a short all about space travel and space stations as planned in the 1950s.  As usual, it always happens Saturday night at 10PM (August 3, 2012) on cable channel 4.  This week it’s VITO GOLD on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN.


~ by UNCLE PETE on August 10, 2012.

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