Dust off those ten gallon hats and oil up those six-guns!  This week in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, UNCLE PETE heads waaaay out west for the Classic TV Spectacular – Pt. III featuring all westerns.  UNCLE PETE heads up to Lake Dark Vault again with an armload of classic western shows plucked from the golden days of the cathode ray tube.

     It all starts off with an episode of Bat Masterson, starring Gene Barry as Bat with guest stars William (Frank Cannon) Conrad and James (Roscoe P. Coltrane)Best.  Bat rides into a horse wranglers’ tent city named Prosper and sees a man chained to a post.  Of course, when you’ve got Bat Masterson (and especially Gene Barry) there has to be a pretty girl and she tells Bat that the man on the post is innocent and needs help.  Bat takes up the task and gunplay and brawlin’ ensue – but is the gent in question really innocent?  Find out as we see Bat Masterson in Stampede In Tent City.    


     Next up is a dose of  hard ridin’, straight shootin’, and suspense (as the show’s intro told us every week).  It’s Annie Oakley starring Gail Davis.  Gail, a popular co-star in many Gene Autry westerns, appeared each week along with her horse Target, Lawman Lofty Cragg (Brad Johnson), and little brother Tag (Jimmy Hawkins) from 1954 through 1957 in a total of 81 episodes.  In this episode entitled Shadow At Sonoma  (from 1956), we find Annie dealing with a dead ringer for Lofty who ain’t no straight shooter.  There’s bad guys afoot at the county fair in this second part of tonight’s show.

     Up next we add a little color (literally) with an episode of The Cisco Kid.  After a long and successful run as a radio drama, it moved to television – airing from 1950 to 1956.  It starred veteran actors Duncan Renaldo as Cisco and Leo Carillo as his sidekick Pancho who rode hither and yon on their horses Diablo and Loco righting wrongs and helping the unfortunate and put-upon.  This episode finds our Robin Hood of the Old West finds Cisco and Pancho challenged by bushwhackers, murderers, and a spooky old in a story entitled Ghost Story.

     Our fourth installment brings us the King Of The Cowboys – Roy Rogers (played by Roy Rogers).  Each week Roy, horse Trigger, dog Bullet, sweetie Dale Evans – Queen Of The West (and Buttermilk) and comic sidekick Pat Brady and his jeep Nellie Belle rode the range finding bad guys and helping out folks that needed help.  The show aired from 1951  to 1957 and in this episode from 1952 Roy and his gang help little Lucy who has just lost her Mommy and whose Daddy has a price on his head for some hanky panky at the banky, er bank.  Lucy doesn’t think her Daddy is an outlaw and neither does Roy, but he must prove that before the law or the bad guys settle his hash first.  It’s Unwilling Outlaw on The Roy Rogers Show.

     UNCLE PETE, relaxing at Lake Dark Vault, finds time for a little fishing – and catches some of the Lakes prize gamefish, or perhaps gamecreatures.  There’s also some viewer mail, including one from our good friend Don Giovanni, host of radio’s Don Giovanni Show.  It’s fast shootin’, hard ridin’ and Happy Trails To You this Saturday, August 25, 2912 at 10PM on channel 4.  Join UNCLE PETE, Stone Dog, and Ol’ Potmetal the Horse as they bring you the Classic TV Spectacular Pt.III – Western style – on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!


~ by UNCLE PETE on August 25, 2012.

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