In Memorium

larry gibbs

This is our friend Larry Gibbs. 

El Vato here, paying respect as we have experienced another loss in the DARK VAULT family.

Loyal viewers of our programming may recognize the name Larry Gibbs. On the overwhelming majority of our programs you’ll often see his name during our end credit scroll. Larry was an early supporter of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, a fan, a friend and for many modern day movie hosts lurking ’round North America: he was also the conduit that enabled our fans from around the country to be able to tune into our program. He was a one-man distribution network.

It was Larry’s tireless efforts that helped make it possible for UNCLE PETE and myself to go beyond the confines of broadcasting in Broome County. He did this with his own time and often on his own dime and NEVER asked for anything in return.

He was one of the kindest, most generous people I have had the pleasure of knowing. He was a tireless supporter of PPI’s various television shows, and its film DRAGON CITY.  He was an old school, pure fan of horror and television and a true humanist. He had a sense of humor about… well, just about everything.

Today Larry lost his battle with the big C.

It happened too fast, and to someone who tirelessly devoted a lot of his time and money and energy towards others.  You may be seeing a lot of tributes to Larry throughout the cult movie host world this week, and he really was one of the good guys and he really brought others together, and contributed far more than any of us could combined. He was a champion of us, and in life.

I am going to cherish his friendship, humor, generosity, and endless support for as long as I shall live. His name has been, and as of now will always be attached to our work every time we thank people. His contribution to my life will never be forgotten. I salute you, mi amigo. I am going to miss you.

R. I. P.


~ by darkvault on February 10, 2013.

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