Entering the digital age on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN was a pretty big step for UNCLE PETE, but when you’re a card-carrying member of the Mad Scientists, Local 6 7/8, you don’t stop there.  Join UNCLE PETE this week for the first of our newly super-enhanced broadcasts.  They’ve been remixed and re-mastered to bring you a better picture, better sound, and better content.  OK, so maybe even our cutting edge  scientific methods can’t improve the content, but you will find that many episodes contain new content.

     This week it’s the 1974 scare fest Abby.  Starring William “Blacula” Marshall, Austin Stoker, and Carol Speed  in a story of a woman possessed by the spirit of Eshu, an ancient African demon. 

     So tune in this Saturday night on channel 4 from 10PM to midnight for director William Girdler’s demonic thriller Abby.  And get ready for the sharper, spiffier UNCLE PETE in the first of the newly remixed, remastered, and regurgitated episodes of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!  (And watch for news on more remastered stuff and the premier of Brand New Episodes in the coming weeks!)


~ by UNCLE PETE on March 7, 2013.

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