As you all know, you can contact UNCLE PETE and El Vato at our DARK VAULT e-mail address – darkvaultpd (at) gmail.comEl Vato generally handles all the correspondence and surprisingly well.  But if he happens to be out scouring the Cinema Graveyard for new bodies of film, there’s a new address that you can use to contact UNCLE PETE directly.  It’s

unclepeteshow (at)

That’s unclepeteshow (at)  If you have any questions for UNCLE PETE about THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN or about some movies or if you have any suggestions for movies or shorts, you can fire them off to our latest address.  Or if you have any questions about The Uncle Pete Show on radio at  WHRW_FM  – air dates or requests for future shows or comments or stories, or if you’re looking for a particular record or have some cool records you want to go to a good home, you can use unclepeteshow (at) gmail.comUNCLE PETE is a rabid record collector with tens of thousands or 33s, 45, 78s, and CDs and tapes in his collection, some of which may be what you’re looking for.  (Feel free to send me your want lists.)

     So keep using darkvaultpd (at) for general DARK VAULT stuff and for El Vato but for UNCLE PETE direct, you can try our new e-mail of unclepeteshow (at) gmail  (at least until UNCLE PETE screws it up or drops the new Vito Gold laptop prototype again).

(P.S. –  THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN first run prototype T-Shirts have just been created.  Let us know if you’d like to know more about these rare and attractive fashion statements.)


~ by UNCLE PETE on May 15, 2013.

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