BLUE QUESTIONThis past week, the folks at TW Cable (i.e. – our friend Jim) finally corrected the scrolling program guide to include the whole title of our show (and more).  So I perhaps I was asking for the moon when I just assumed that the show would air as usual.  But it didn’t.  I apologize to all our viewers who tuned in this past Saturday night to see no Dark Vault Of Public Domain.  Why exactly this occurred is still a mystery.  It was a never before seen episode.  It still is.  Somehow the robots took over and blocked our transmission.  We’re not sure if it was aliens or perhaps one of those extremist anti good television groups that try to prevent our show cuz people like it and it makes the other shows look bad.  I understand that a lot of those extremists are extremicized, but some of them are self-extremicized, or perhaps auto-extremicized (especially if they are in cars when they extremicize themselves).

     Anyway, I have a communicationary abilfier (aka – an e-mail) sent out to a live person involved, but at this time, I have not received a response.  Our world premier will air!  We’ll just have to reschedule.  If any of you saw any strange lights or glows in the sky or red eyes looking at you from behind you in the mirror or anything else unusual other than the weird stuff that usually happens around Dark Vault time, let UNCLE PETE know at unclepeteshow (at) gmail.com (El Vato told me to type the e-mail address that way, but you know the real way to do it).

     We will let you know when we get to the bottom of this obvious insidious conspiracy.


~ by UNCLE PETE on May 26, 2013.

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