It’s the fourth week of OXNARD Month and we’ve got a battle of the titans as we find Dracula Vs. Muggs this week in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN! Join UNCLE PETE and his ever faithful Beagle OXNARD at LAKE DARK VAULT for the suspense filled 1943 comedy thriller Ghosts On The Loose.  Muggs (Leo Gorcey), Glimpy (Huntz Hall), Danny (Bobby Jordan), Scruno (Sunshine Sammy Morrison) and the rest of the gang are preparing for the wedding of Glimpy’s sister Betty (played by Ava Gardner in one of her early roles).  Jack (Rick Vailin), Betty’s intended,  has purchased a little home in the suburbs for which to settle in with his new bride.  The Gang decides to go out and do a little extra fixin’ up for the happy couple but mistakenly goes to the mansion next door.   Meanwhile, when Jack receives an offer to sell his cottage he learns that the mansion next door is said to be  haunted.  Mysterious things have the Gang thinking there are ghosts about, but they don’t realize that Emil (Bela Lugosi) has his Nazi bunch hidden in the mansion plotting all kinds of evil.  One of the most classic exchanges in all of filmdom occurs between Scruno and Emil as the Boys explore the secret passages and Scruno utters the immortal “Who Dat!” The film also features popular film star Wheeler Oakman as Tony and Stanley Clements as Stash.  Clements, who didn’t appear in any more East Side Kids films would resurface in the 1950’s as Duke, the leader of The Bowery Boys after Leo Gorcey’s retirement.  Plus, make sure to listen for (and watch) Bill Bates as Sleepy, who actually plays the organ in his only East Side Kids appearance in this week’s feature – Ghosts On The Loose.

UNCLE PETE, OXNARD, Max and Stone Dog are relaxing at LAKE DARK VAULT and trying  a little whittling with his 47 blade pocket knife – including the sterling steel dinner service.  UNCLE PETE also finds time to bring you a 1936 short from our favorite trio The Three Stooges in Disorder In The Court. Who Dat Say Who Dat When I Say Who Dat?  Find the answer in two hours of hound dogs, ghosts and a few eye pokes this Saturday,  November 23, 2013 from 10PM to midnight on channel 4.  Grab a hunk o’ board and your pocket knife and whittle the time away with UNCLE PETE and OXNARD as they bring you Ghosts On The Loose, the next feature presentation on the DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!


~ by UNCLE PETE on November 22, 2013.

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