How Do You Say, “Dark Vault” in Chinese?

Hey group, El Vato here with a little DARK VAULT history for ya.
Ever wonder about the theme of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN? Well, it’s called “From Here to Infinity”  and it was originally recorded by a dubious band of miscreants that went by the name of “Nation of Salami” some 22 years ago. A couple of those miscreants were yours truly on gi-tar and Uncle Pete ’emself tickling some of the ivories. The CD that features that song, a compilation released by radio station WHRW entitled, “Veggie Pita From Pluto,”   is long outta print, but if you call into The Uncle Pete Show some time and make a request, maybe he’ll play you the full, unexpurgated version of it (which clocks in at nearly 6 minutes).

Well, some expatriates in China who go by the name of THE BASTARDS OF IMPERIALISM are playing around the People’s Republic and they have put their own spin on it. Enjoy!

It just goes to show that you just never know where nor when DARK VAULTy-ness is going to appear ’round this big blue marble…


~ by darkvault on December 14, 2013.

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