Join UNCLE PETE this week in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN for a walk down memory lane in the Classic Television Graveyard.  It The Classic Television Spectacular – Pt. 2 featuring some of television’s comic greats (and Bob Denver, too!).

First up, it’s The Burns and Allen Show.  From Vaudeville, to radio and movies and then to the small screen, deadpan George and wacky Gracie were wowin’ the crowds for decades.  Here, we find Gracie planning a wedding and George footing the bill.

The next comedy giant brings not only laughs but some tricky questions and some cash too (and a DeSoto, at least sometimes).  It’s Groucho Marx hosting You Bet Your Life.  This popular quiz show aired on radio and TV from the 40’s through the 60’s and featured couples answering quiz  questions to win money and trying to beat the other couples.  But more interesting than even the quizzes were the interviews that Groucho conducted with the contestants.  Watch for the duck to drop down with money if someone utters the secret word.  (UNCLE PETE has his own secret word this week too!)

Our next installment stars George Burns best friend.  It’s The Jack Benny Show.  Jack, Rochester. announcer Don Wilson, and singer Dennis Day got together each show to encounter wacky situations and wacky characters with a song or two and some special guests thrown in for good measure.  In this episode (just in time for the Chinese New Year), it’s New Year’s Eve 1954 and the whole gang has plans for a big party.  Jack bows out cuz he has a special date, but things don’t always turn out quite like he plans.

Finally, it’s an episode of the nearly forgotten show  Dusty’s Trail.  Take some Gilligan’s Island, add a hunk of F-Troop and a west bound wagon (and a little Petticoat Junction for sweetening) and you’ve got Dusty’s Trail.  It stars Bob Denver (as Dusty) and Fess Parker as two pioneers who are guiding a hunk of a wagon train westward after Dusty got them separated from the rest of the wagon train.  This time around, a local Indian tribe is convinced Dusty is the chief’s long-lost son because of an identifying half-moon mark on Dusty’s sit-um down place.  Also starring Lori Saunders (Bobbie Jo from Petticoat Junction), from 1973, it’s Dusty’s Trail.

Jack Benny’s not the only one getting ready for a celebration.  UNCLE PETE and the gang have been very busy shopping and bowling and decorating for the big Dark Vault Super Groundhog Bowl Day Party and Embroidery Club Meeting and the after parties.  So this week, UNCLE PETE and some of the Dark Vault Critters are relaxing in the Dark Vault Den in front of the state-of-the-art Dark Vault television viewer.  There’s a little snacking too with one of those Vito Gold TV Dinners(tm) all warmed up.  And once again, it’s the newly remastered version with improved sound and video (and the same old UNCLE PETE).

Watch for Max the Rat dropping from above when somebody utters this week’s secret word! It’s The Classic Television Spectacular – Pt. 2, this Saturday, February 1, 2014 from 10PM to midnight on channel 4 (channel 99 in Elmira/Corning/etc, channel 17 in the Sayre, PA area) with UNCLE PETE in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!


~ by UNCLE PETE on January 31, 2014.

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