For Fans Whose Local Television Areas are DARK VAULT-less

Hey peeps, El Vato here.

Over the 9 years (and counting) of DARK VAULT-dom we’ve been – and remain – a mostly television-based experience. I know, in the age of streaming this, and streaming that it may seem old school or even downright stubborn that we aren’t plastering our programs all over the internet, but once upon a time, in the days before YoutTube/Google became the almost oligarchical,  global, de-facto source for folks looking for clips and official, free programs generously uploaded by truly independent, non-money hungry producers (look at how much junk is out there that appears to be generated content produced merely for the purpose of some clown looking for a way to monetize their “talking-into-a-webcam-about-nothing” garbage without any substance so they can pay their rent. Yeah, it beats pan-handling, but sure wastes bandwidth and brain cells!) – there was a time when there were a plethora of streaming video sites and at one time you used to be able to find the entire first season of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN online (funny enough, it was via the long-defunct Google Video service BEFORE they bought out YouTube; and on a great, sorely missed site that allowed people to download creators’ content called STAGE 6). After all of that time and effort that ended up being for naught once those sites closed shop, and with YouTube’s questionable business ethics: we decided that putting all of that energy, effort and time  was best left for the actual television program (which it always was, is and shall forever remain until UNCLE PETE or yours truly kick the bucket) . We also had two seasons of internet-exclusive webisodes on a service called VEOH.

We really were savvy and a head of the curve on the streaming end, but the cannibalistic, rapidly-changing techno stuff and the endlessly changing internet landscape is a bit to much for two humanoids with many other pursuits to be able to keep up with. Our focus has always been on reviving LOCAL TELEVISION and the long lost folk art of local/regional-based television programming. Outside of some pretty dire attempts at local “news”: the American television landscape on a local level is virtually non-existent. I know all of the hack blowviators in “new media” are telling the simple-minded that, “television is dead,” and that, “the internet is where it’s at,” but one day the suits and bean counters will eventually turn that into what they did with cable, and before that local television. Putting all of your eggs into one basket is rarely ever good, but alas we’re doing that because we remember there was a time when local television MEANT SOMETHING. It not only brought a greater sense of community to its proceedings, but it was diverse. Even programs of a similar nature airing in two different cities had their own personalities and sensibilities. They had LOCAL FLAVOR. The mainstream networks and cable conglomerates went out of their way to help foster the perception that these programs were lesser than their national counterparts and the McDonalds-ization of television began. Local stations started to cancel their own productions to cut costs and import more syndicated, national programming or worse: they realized they could make easy money simply letting con men, rip-off artists, and similar goons simply BUY airtime and the idea of thirty minute commercials (rechristened, “infomercials” by the demons in marketing) that were embraced by virtually EVERY television station in America seemed to be a priority on every single station manager’s mind.

Yeah, television is a business. one that often goes for the quick, fast buck rather than invest time and effort (and a little seed money) into nurturing things that could grow to be profitable mainstays. Local stations were given enough rope by these con men and their infomercials and over time they hung themselves. People got sick of sifting through crap programming – and worse yet: infomercials – and they jumped to cable. Then cable started bringing in the infomercials, but it didn’t stop there. Cable networks started putting the screws to people abandoning a lot of their viewing time on local television when networks started airing 30 minute to 2 hour “infomercials” from hucksters. I mean, hey: the American general public are a captive audience. You can either watch television or not.

Well, if television means something to you, then you take what you can get or get nothing!

That became the “bottom line” mantra of in both local broadcasting, and on cable “super channels.”

Then came other chicanery by way of cutting programs that were 25 minutes down to 21 minutes to fit in MORE COMMERCIALS. Then came the squeezing of end credit sequences to fit in MORE COMMERCIALS FOR THE NETWORKS. Then came the advertising DURING THE PROGRAMS YOU WERE WATCHING! You know, those annoying pop-ups that have been part-and-parcel of the internet for like… FOREVER! Well, they became the norm on television.  So much so that people who have been, “chord-cutting” from cable (which is now experiencing what the people who flocked to cable did when they abandoned local television!!!!) flocked to the internet, and guess what: the same marketing scum are bringing those practices to the internet through media consolidation. Not once, in ANY of that time, did local television – and later, cable television – ever stop to think about ALTERNATIVE MEANS to provide quality content while embracing their cannibalistic, capitalist tendencies WHILE retaining viewers. It’s “all-or-nothing” in that sad world.

I only mention this because there are still people out there fighting the good fight. We’re not alone. People who REMEMBER when television was valuable; when all you needed was an antennae, a set and some electricity to be able to ENJOY programs from around the world AND your own back yard. So, we want to do what little we can do to ensure that what we do has something special about it beyond the pale. We enjoy that the only way you can truly get does of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN is to turn on your television and surf on over to the channel broadcasting our program; or by way of truly loyal, dedicated, passionate and cool individuals who are circulating off-air recordings of our program on video tape and DVD-R. While we don’t want anyone selling our program: we are all for folks recording it and sending it to their family, friends, neighbors and enemies. In this age when movie studios and television networks DO NOT want you to be able to record and keep your favorite films and programs from broadcasts; when they want to hoard all of their content away from people and only make what the contemporary, artless, passionate suits want you to see (versus merely making all of their catalogs of film and television commercially available in some capacity) and suppress smaller films and older programs so they can keep hawking recent failed-blusters to you so they can recoup costs on them (rather than profit from what’s in their vaults): we think it’s awesome that there are people out there sharing our shows. It’s old school, it’s tradition, and it is everything that media conglomerates don’t want you to do. Brass tacks: it’s freedom and democracy!

Anyway, this LOOOOOONG preface and backstory I’ve posted here is to give folks an opportunity to understand why we don’t upload a lot of our broadcasts. We do repeat them on television, but putting them all online takes away from what this program is about. We certainly repeat programming if you are patient enough to wait for next time an episode will air (sometimes it takes upwards of one or two calendar years for many of our episodes to be repeated, and as we continue on into a full decade of production – and eventually beyond that –  those reruns will become even more distant. That’s the nature of weekly television, but hey: you can use your old video cassette players, DVD-recorders or Digital Video Recorders to create your own library of favorite episodes of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN. NOTHING lasts forever, so you’d be wise to do it anyway).

We like that the only way to catch the show is to record it, have someone record it and send it to you; to get a local station to air us;  or to tune in anytime it’s on in your area. It keeps us old school, exclusive, and makes us a bit special when any clown with some face paint and a web cam can sit down and call them a “horror host.” We’re local television, man. The internet is but a small part of that. yeah, the ship may seem like it’s dying for some people, but for the time being, we believe otherwise.

So, with that out of the way, this brings me back to full length episodes of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN available on the internet. There aren’t many anymore. There won’t be, at least in the foreseeable future, but we do have a few out there that I am going to share with you now. WHY? Because we do actually have international fans as well as fans outside of the communities where you can catch us each week on the groove tube. These are little “tastes” of the many, many, many, MANY episodes we have produced so far, and of the many, many many episodes we will continue to be producing well into the future. The internet is a rapidly changing place, so enjoy them while you can. If they disappear there will likely never be another upload on our part. We will continue to create some new, internet-exclusive content for fans, but the actual DARK VAULT mother ship is something that is going to remain on television. Local television at that.We are now airing weekly  in about 1/4 of New York state, a corner of Pennsylvania, and in a corner of New England. Nevertheless, here are full length episodes online that you can enjoy at your leisure. The barely scratch the surface of the entire DARK VAULT universe, but they are some slices of what fans know and love about the program, and a taste of what we’re up to.Our production gets slicker every year, and these present some of our proud history. Enjoy them: uncut and for free.

So, there you go! That’s all that’s out there in internet land. ALL of our epsiodes continue to air on television and we encourage you to seek out tapes/discs of episodes if we are not currently being broadcast in your neck of the woods. We are happy to be catering to all of our viewers in Broome County, Chenango County, Chemung County, Oneida County, Jefferson County, Madison County, Herkimer County, Tompkins County, Steuben County (New York); Bradford County (Pennsylvania), and Rockingham County (New Hampshire). W are continuing to expand our viewership and we keep our viewers  and the spirit of regional/local television programming dear to our hearts in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!


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