What says the week after Easter better than a trip back to 1968 for some disc jockey flashbacks and a bunch of giant monsters?  At least that what UNCLE PETE thinks.  So join him this week in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN for Destroy All Planets starring that city leveling, kid loving turtle – Gamera!  There was a time in the not so distant past when most Earthlings frowned on Gamera’s destruction and shuttled him off to Mars.  But Gamera’s Earth bound and down (as Jerry Redd might sing) but not without a little interaction with some aliens determined to take over Earth (seems they like the air down there).


When scoutmaster Mr. Shimida (Kojiro Hongo) takes his troop to visit Dr. Dobie (Peter Williams) for a demonstration of their latest hi-tech mini-submarine,  mischievous (and scientifically savvy) scouts Masao (Toru Takatsuka) and Jim (Carl Craig) tinker with the sub’s controls so only they can pilot it properly.  While submerged, they meet Gamera.  But all three are captured by the aliens and Gamera is retrofitted with a mind control gimmick while the boys are held at alien central.  When the boys help release Gamera, the aliens counter with their own giant beastie – Viras (no relation to another of our features, Virus).

Directed by Noriaki Yuasa, this film includes a lengthy Gamera mind-scan sequence that takes us back through some highlights of prior Gamera versus big bad monsters battles.   Released in 1968, this movie is also known as Gamera vs. Viras.

And speaking of disc jockeys, UNCLE PETE does some fond reminiscing and has his own flashback sequence of when his popular TV music program Rock-A-Rama was cancelled and the call went out from the Land Of The Rising Sun for UNCLE PETE to come over and fill the Japanese airwaves with the stuff that only UNCLE PETE can fill airwaves with.  UNCLE PETE also has a bunch of cool and obscure (what else) music videos for you and some rare footage of UNCLE PETE on the radio in Japan!  So join the multimedia guy himself, UNCLE PETE, this Saturday, April 2. 2016 from 10PM to midnight on channels 4, 17, and 99 in Binghamton, Sayre/Montrose (PA), and Corning/Elmira/Hornell as well as channel 99 for our newest viewers in the Utica/Rome area.  And catch our replays at midnight and 2AM too!  Don’t forget to contact us at unclepeteshow  It’s Destroy All Planets  – remixed, remastered, and real spiffy – on the next  DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!  (And spread the word – there’s a brand new episode coming your way next week too!)


~ by UNCLE PETE on April 1, 2016.

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