Looking for an exotic getaway filled with suspense and intrigue?  And want it to be cheap?  Well, join UNCLE PETE (who does cheap without any effort at all) for an evening in the Mediterranean filled with car chases, lot of shootin’, and other fun stuff as he brings you the 1976 actionfest – Death Rage.  Retired hit man Peter Marciani (Yul Brynner) heads from NYC to Naples (the Italian one) to get the dirty rat who killed his brother in the Old Country.  Once there, hit man wannabe and uninvited sidekick Angelo (Massimo Ranieri) tags along for fun and Barbara Bouchet pops in to pretty things up a bit.  But Yul soon finds his brother’s death was part of a trap to lure him over there.  Throw in Martin Balsam as the Commissario and you’ve got all kinds of plot twists and turns.  It’s director Antonio Margheriti’s Death Rage (aka – Con La Rabbia Agli Occhi).

Back in THE DARK VAULT, UNCLE PETE takes time to share a little snack recipe for an Antonio Margherita ™ in honor of our feature’s director and shows off so special VITO GOLD ENTERPRISE merchandise unofficially endorsed by Yul Brynner himself.  There’s also a 1959 informational bit entitled The Trouble With Women (don’t get El Vato started) brought to you by the Aluminum Company Of America and you’ll even see a pile of shorts too (movie shorts, that is).  Plus for you literary types (or maybe il-literary types), Azul De Vaca recites his idea of a poem about Barbara Bouchet.

So join UNCLE PETE this Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 10PM to midnight (with replays at midnight and 2AM) on channel 4 local to Binghamton, channel 99 in the Elmira/Corning/Hornell and the Utica/Rome area and channel 17  in and around Montrose/Sayre, PA.  It’s the newly remastered version of Yul Brynner’s final cinematic appearance (at least this side of the grave) – Death Rage   and it’s the next feature presentation on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!



~ by UNCLE PETE on April 22, 2016.

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