It’s Memorial Day Weekend – the unofficial start of summer, the official start of the week that comes several weeks before the start of summer, and a time when lots and lots of people travel, bar-b-cue, and do all manner of outdoorsy things.  What a perfect time to check out some good ol’ safety and common sense practices that can help keep you from getting all busted up or in jail or like that.   Especially when certain federal regulations require VITO GOLD, mastermind of  the VITO GOLD ENTERPRISES (TM), to let us know about this kind of stuff.


So, join UNCLE PETE and El Vato as part of the enthusiastic audience in the DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN as we bring you the VITO GOLD Safety Special.  Hosted by our hi-tech, hi-octane little buddy VITOBOT (TM), it’s two hours of informative, educational, and entertaining safety shorts from the 60s and 70s to let you know about what to do in a variety of daily entanglements.  We start off with a spooky scary short on bus riding safety called Ghost Rider.  Then, it’s I Like Bikes – a little how to on how not to trade paint with bikes when you’re driving a car.  Next we learn how the pent-up stress of daily life can cause even a cartoon to wind up in jail in Mr. Finley’s Feelings and we visit the age-old battle of good versus evil and cavities in The Munchers.


Ever think about your self-image? El Vato doesn’t have one.  But these kids learn about their’s in If Mirrors Could Speak.  A dog learns about tolerance and gettin’ along in Skipper Learns A Lesson (a story line we also find in one of our favorite episodes of Davey and Goliath).  Then it’s a for real super hero facing one of the deadliest adversaries around in Soapy The Germ Fighter.  Next a topic near and dear to VITOBOT (TM) and UNCLE PETE and all of us here in the VAULT – Beer!  It’s A Case For Beer about not selling beer to minors cuz then those of us with real IDs won’t be able to buy beer there anymore either.  Finally it’s Coughs And Sneezes, about, well, coughs and sneezes.  And it’s all presented in newly remastered and enhanced DARK VAULT Definition!

Being brought to you by VITO GOLD ENTERPRISES (TM), of course the show is also chock full of great VITO GOLD products advertisements, each and every one a classic and showcasing something that you needs to buy.  So join VITO GOLD, UNCLE PETE, El Vato and VITOBOT this Saturday night, May 28, 2016,  at 10PM (with replays at midnight and 2 AM) on Binghamton’s channel 4, channel 99 in Elmira/Hornell/Corning and Utica/Rome and channel 17 in Montrose/Sayre, PA.  It’s The VITO GOLD Safety Special to kick off your Memorial Day Weekend for the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!  (And take a moment or two to remember all those Americans who gave their lives while serving in the armed forces to help make this country and things like The Dark Vault of Public Domain possible.  After all, that’s really what Memorial Day is about!)



~ by UNCLE PETE on May 27, 2016.

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