If you’re headin’ up to the local make-out spot to watch the submarine races this weekend, beware!  You never know who might be watching – and with what size eyes!  Join UNCLE PETE, OXNARD, and MAX  as they broadcast from the DARK VAULT Transmitter Site this week to bring you the low-budget sci-fi thriller – The Eye Creatures.  A flying saucer is cruisin’ earth and the military is keeping an eye on it.  However, the first regular folks who spot it are some teenagers who frequent a favorite secluded area (where they no doubt discuss world affairs and school and like that).  It’s always good for a plot when teenagers spot the alien first, and these teenagers not only spot it first, but a couple of them wham into one with their car.  But nobody believes them (at least not for a while).

This 1965 American International release – directed by Larry Buchanan and starring John Ashley and Cynthia Hull – is a color remake of the 1957 film Invasion Of The Saucer Men and was never released to theaters but went straight to TV with a package of American International Pictures television releases.  Be sure to listen for the voice of Peter Graves as the uncredited narrator.

Meanwhile, back at The Dark Vault, UNCLE PETE and OXNARD enjoy some Barbecue sauce, read some viewer mail and have a few frosty cold beverages as they bring you a Bobby Vee video, a special on barbecuing and a whole bucket of trailers from the Dark Vault Transmitter located high above Lake Dark Vault.

So grab your leftover BBQ sauce and a few frosty ones and join UNCLE PETE for The Eye Creatures, this Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 10PM (with replays at midnight and 2AM) on channel 4 in Binghamton, channel 99 in Corning/Hornell/Elmira and Utica/Rome and channel 17 in Sayre/Montrose).  Someone (or something) will be watching for you this week on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!

(And for all our new viewers on the Beta Max TV channel on Roku, the next DVOPD will feature Bruce Lee – The Man/The Myth this Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 10PM!  Check for more details.)


~ by UNCLE PETE on June 3, 2016.

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