It’s spies, espionage, and action-filled fun this Saturday on THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN.  Join UNCLE PETE and THE DARK VAULT gang for the 1982 spy spoof The Impossible Kid.  Directed by Eddie Nicart, and starring the Philippines’ 2 foot 9 inch answer to Sean Connery – Weng Weng (nee – Ernesto De La Cruz).  Known by his code name of  Agent 00, Weng Weng finds himself working with the Manila branch of Interpol.

The evil Mr. X has threatened the Philippines.  Some businessmen have come up with the ransom demanded by Mr. X, but our hero suspects there’s something rotten in Denmark (or Manilla even!).  A little super spy work soon turns up a complex secret plan of evil masterminded by the mysterious Mr. X.  This sequel to Weng Weng’s For Your Height Only stars Nina Sara as Lolita, Romy Diaz as Senyor Manolo, Romy Nario as Mr. X and Ben Johnson (no, not the well-known American Western actor and stuntman) as the Chief.

Back at the Vault, UNCLE PETE brushes up on some of his Double Naught spy techniques (to the annoyance of El Vato) and brings you a short from the streets and playgrounds of the exotic eastern city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It’s the 1974 educational film:  Destruction – Fun Or Dumb?  So, join UNCLE PETE and El Vato this Saturday, July 23,2016 from 10PM to midnight on Binghamton’s channel 4, channel 17 in Sayre/Montrose, PA, and channel 99 around  Hornell/Corning/Elmira and Utica/Rome.  And don’t forget our free replays at midnight and 2AM.  It’s more action than throwing a bee hive in a nudist colony with The Impossible Kid on the next installment of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!


~ by UNCLE PETE on July 23, 2016.

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