Halloween is creeping ever closer and soon vampires and zombies will be creeping too.  If you want a dose of vampire zombies even sooner, tune in the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!  This week UNCLE PETE digs up the 1973 chiller Messiah Of Evil (aka Dead People).  When Arietty (Marianna Hill) heads to see her artist father in a small town she finds a spooky, empty house, a bunch of his weird artworks, his diary and a letter detailing some pretty creepy goings on that Arietty doesn’t really understand (yet).  When she encounters the ever-so hip and sharp dressed Thom (Michael Greer) and his two ever-present groupies, the creepiness begins to unfold (always beware hip, sharp dressed guys who spell Tom with an h, at least in horror movies).  Throw in the legend of the Blood Moon and some grisly deaths and things really get quivering.This film has a couple of notables as directors/writers/producers – namely Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz who also brought us the film version of Howard The Duck and the screenplay to one of those little known car flics – American Graffiti.


Featuring Royal Dano as the narrator  and Elisha Cook Jr. as the addle-brained town drunk who just might know more that you think, it’s the 1973 chiller – Messiah Of Evil.

Meanwhile, UNCLE PETE digs up some juicy trailers and tidbits and VITO GOLD does his civic duty in a public service announcement called Wipe Out Stoopidity.  So, join UNCLE PETE and the gang for a blood-filled fun-fest, this Saturday, October 22, 2016 from 10PM to midnight in the usual places – channel 4 in Binghamton, channel 99 in Elmira/Corning/Hornell and Utica/Rome, channel 17 in Sayre and other nearby Pennsylvania locales and now on channel 30 in the North Country (Malone/Massena/Ogdensburg/Champlain).  And don’t forget the replays at midnight and 2AM!  It’s a super spooky Saturday with UNCLE PETE and Messiah Of Evil on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!

(And on Beta Max TV (on the Roku system) – this week it’s a kung fu masterpiece – Chinese Hercules, Saturday at 7PM!)


~ by UNCLE PETE on October 21, 2016.

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