We here in the DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN feel you can never get enough beast.  So after a good dose of beast in last week’s feature, we’ve decided to give you another heapin’ helpin’ of beast this week too!  Join UNCLE PETE and EL VATO Saturday night for a romp with a beast by the light of the silvery moon in the 1976 feature – Track Of The Moon Beast.  Chase Cordell plays Paul G. Carlson, a rock hound who gets beaned by a hunk of alien meteorite.  Not long after, some of the locals, including one poor soul coming home from bowling, start turning up all clawed and in a generally pretty unhealthy dead condition.  No known animal could have made those marks (except for maybe some of the guests at a DARK VAULT all-night shindig).  The only clues are a collection of ancient American Indian paintings (always a good place to look for clues).  Also starring Leigh Drake, directed by Richard Ashe, and co-written by Bill Finger whose writing credits include episodes of the Batman TV series, 77 Sunset Strip and The Green Slime, it’s Track Of The Moon Beast!

Meanwhile, UNCLE PETE and Max work on their moon tan while enjoying the beautiful moonlit night and several moon related refreshments.  So, break out a fresh jug of moonshine and bake up a moon pie (take one can of moon filling, poor into a frozen 9″ pie crust, cover with the second crust and bake for 35 minutes at 1200 degrees) and join UNCLE PETE Saturday, March 4, 2017 from 10PM to midnight on channel 4 (Binghamton), channel 99 (Elmira/Corning/Hornell and Utica/Rome), channel 17 (Montrose/Sayre) and channel 30 all over the north country (Ogdensburg/Watertown/Malone/Massena/Champlain) with replays at midnight and 2AM.  It’s Track Of The Moon Beast on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!

(And for all you Roku users, tune in to Beta Max TV this week for some hi-powered laughs with the Dark Vault Of Public Domain’s Classic Television Spectacular – Pt. II including a rarely seen episode of Dusty’s Trail.  It all gets underway this Saturday night at 7PM!)



~ by UNCLE PETE on March 2, 2017.

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