This past week, we here in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN got so much snow (a new record in fact!) that it darn near buried us up to our fez tassels!  So, since many folks haven’t been able to get out and about very easily this week, we decided to present a tour of some exotic locales this week.  Join UNCLE PETE this Saturday as he takes you from the frozen north to the steamy jungle and throws in some extras like a gorilla and beer.  We start our odyssey in the frozen Yukon with The Fatal Glass Of Beer.  Written by and starring genius W.C. Fields (as Mr. Snavely) it chronicles – with song and flashback –  the sad story of son Chester Snavely (George Chandler) who left his rural, snowbound home for the big city where he succumbs to the evils of hard drink and runs afoul of the law.  Filled with intentionally overly dramatic acting, a legendary gloved zither performance, and non-stop gags – especially involving the words “not a fit night out for man or beast” – it’s The Fatal Glass Of Beer (released this month in 1933)!

Next, to warm up our frozen viewers, it’s off to deepest, darkest Africa for our feature from 1949, Abbott and Costello in Africa Screams!  When Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott) overhears Diana Emerson (played by gorgeous Hillary Brooke) say she will pay big bucks for a lost map created by a legendary African explorer, he decides to pass off his friend Stanley Livington (Lou Costello) as an explorer who accompanied the creator of the map.  But once in Africa, Buzz discovers that the real goal of the expedition is to find a fortune in diamonds.  Buzz and Stanley stumble onto the diamonds and a village of hungry cannibals along the way and Stanley also rescues a gorilla who becomes fast friends with Stanley after that.  This film has a very famous – in a non-film way – cast including champion professional boxers Max and Buddy Baer and two guys who were no strangers to Africa or wild beasties – hunter/collector Frank Buck and legendary animal trainer Clyde Beatty.  There are also a couple other comedy legends found here, namely two of the Three Stooges – Shemp Howard and Joe Besser – in their only appearance together.  Also the first time Abbott and Costello appeared with Joe Besser and Hillary Brooke (later regulars on their TV show), it’s Africa Screams!


UNCLE PETE and Max are deep in the Control Room of THE DARK VAULT, safe from the raging snow storm – or so they think until a bit of a blizzard kicks up.  But despite the Arctic conditions, UNCLE PETE still manages to dig up a drift of trailers and fun bits.  So tune in this Saturday, March 18, 2017 from 10PM to midnight (with replays at midnight and 2AM) on channel 4 (Binghamton), 17 (Montrose/Sayre), 99 (Elmira/Corning/Hornell and Utica/Rome) and 30 in the North Country (Watertown/Champlain/Ogdensburg/Malone/Massena).  From tundra to the jungle, it’s The Fatal Glass Of Beer and Africa Screams – a brand new episode – on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!

(And for all you Roku users, don’t forget to tune in to The DVOPD on Beta Max TV this weekend for some ground shakin’, big beastie action with Attack Of The Monsters.  It happens this Saturday at 7PM!)


~ by UNCLE PETE on March 17, 2017.

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