Since Saturday is the last day of September, we in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN figure it must be some sort of special day.  We don’t know what (October Eve?), and probably never will.  But whatever Saturday is, join UNCLE PETE for a double feature of The Monster Walks and Broadway To Cheyenne.  In our first feature, The Monster Walks, Ruth Earlton (Vera Reynolds) learns her scientist father has died – or maybe been killed – so she heads to his spooky mansion with fiance Dr. Ted Clayton (Rex Lease).  Among those living in the house are Ruth’s Uncle Robert (Sheldon Lewis), a housekeeper, and her odd son Harris Crug (Mischa Auer).  There’s also the ape-type thing in the basement left over from Dad’s experiments.  Ruth inherited everything, but old Uncle Robert gets it all should Ruth expire.  A hairy monster hand trying to kill Ruth really gets things going.  But is it the primitive primate or is there another monster afoot?  From 1932 and also starring one of the busiest and most credited side-character actors ever, Willie “Sleep n’ Eat” Best, it’s The Monster Walks.

In Broadway to Cheyenne, NYC policeman “Breezy” Kildare (Rex Bell) is shot during a confrontation with bad guy Butch Owens (Robert Ellis).  While recuperating on his father’s ranch in Wyoming, Breezy finds the dirty rats from New York hiding out nearby and running a protection racket on the local ranchers.  It’s up to Breezy to show the thugs some western justice.  Also starring Marceline Day and legendary sidekick Gabby Hayes (as Walrus), likewise from 1932, it’s Broadway To Cheyenne.

Back at the Dark Vault, UNCLE PETE is plunked down in front of the viewing device.  While being accosted by a mysterious hand and having a little snort of a bar-b-cue cocktail, he digs up a Three Stooges commercial too.  So tune in this Saturday, September 30, 2017, from 10PM to midnight (with replays at midnight and 2AM) on channel 4 (Binghamton), channel 17 (Sayre, PA), channel 99 (Elmira/Corning/Hornell and Utica/Rome), our new place, channel 2 in the Saranac and Tupper Lake areas, and channel 30 in the North Country (Champlain/Watertown/Ogdensburg/Massena/Malone).  It’s an October Eve double feature spectacular with The Monster Walks and Broadway To Cheyenne on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!

(And for all you Beta Max TV viewers (on your Roku systems), this week you’ll see the car crashing DARK VAULT episode of Double Nickels newly arrived this Friday night!)


~ by UNCLE PETE on September 29, 2017.

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