And they said it would never happen!  But here it is!!!

The Official DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC 10TH ANNIVERSARY interview article has arrived!!!  Several weeks ago, UNCLE PETE and El Vato were interviewed by Chris Kocher, Entertainment Writer for the Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin.  Shortly thereafter, they were photographed and videographed by Press and Sun-Bulletin photographer Patrick Oehler.  Well, spending that much time with UNCLE PETE and El Vato is never an easy thing, but Chris and Pat managed to do it and come up with a pretty nifty article.

The finished product will appear in the Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin as well as the Elmira/Corning area publication The Stargazette in the October 26, 2017 editions.  For those of you not able to lay your hands on a soon-to-be-collectable copy of either of those fine publications, the article is also available on-line at:

The on-line contains the article and photographs and a rare video of a tour of the DARK VAULT led by UNCLE PETE.

So, pick up a copy and check out the web version.  It’s a first for Binghamton and a first for the world!!!!!!!!!!



~ by UNCLE PETE on October 25, 2017.

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