It’s singin’ and shootin’ that  THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN and what we have in store for Sluggo and the Vortexx gang.  This week, the feature is Little Rita Of The West.  Little Rita wants to destroy all the gold in the west because she believes it’s the cause of all evil.  But the bad guys and Rita’s heart-throb disagree.  Shootin’ singin’, and action ensues! It all happens this Thursday, along with some rousing chat from The Vortexx gang during the show.  The place for the action is http://www.horrorhost.net and the time is  Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 9PM.  The Vortexx gang shows a special feature every night at 9PM that also includes live chat while the show is on.  And that place to be is www.horrorhost.net

El Vato and Rojo Gato try some repairs, there are some trailers, and there are a couple of great Scopitones too.  This also happens to be somewhat of a Pestilence Productions exclusive – a rare print combining the English dubbed movie with the rarely seen Italian sung musical numbers.  And there’s the power tool accident too.  So join UNCLE PETE as he brings THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN to visit with Sluggo and The Vortexx gang this Thursday from 9PM – 11PM with Little Rita Of The West at www.horrorhost.nest .


~ by UNCLE PETE on May 10, 2018.

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