Stop by THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN this week and we’ll show you it doesn’t matter whether you think summer’s over or not – we’re still gonna have fun!  Join UNCLE PETE for a deep digging expedition into the Classic Television section of The Cinema Graveyard for five dusty, moldy but oh-so-sweet gems from the golden days of the small screen – The Classic Television Spectacular – Pt. V..

Blast off with UNCLE PETE for the darn near forgotten Space Patrol.  Produced by Roberta Leigh, a confidant of Gerry Anderson and the first British female producer to own her own film company, Space Patrol ran for 39 episodes featuring marionette characters from Earth, Venus, Mars, and beyond as they traveled through the galaxy exploring, rescuing, and generally adventuring in a gyroscope-looking ship that could travel faster than the speed of light (and disappeared when it did!).  This 1963 episode – The Buried Spaceship – features Slim from Venus,, Husky from Mars, and Earth’s own Capt. Larry Dart – voiced by celebrity obit writer – and Monty Python writer – Dick Vosburgh.

Then shift to that lil’ ol’ shapeshifter hero – Tom Terrific!  Airing during the Captain Kangaroo Show in 5-part episodes each week from 1957 to 1961, with funnel on head, Tom could transform into anything from a train to a tree to a Vault dwelling denizen (well, maybe not that last one).  Along with his sidekick – Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog, Tom’s Ever Faithful Companion, he battled the evil schemes of such ne’er-do-wells as Crabby Appleton, a man rotten to the core.

Next, hold your breath as we head under water with Sea Hunt.  Lloyd Bridges stars as Mike Nelson, a navy frogman turned freelance diver and underwater expert.  It ran for 156 episodes between 1958 and 1961.  Produced by Ivan Tors with advisor Jon Lindbergh (son of Charles) this installment is entitled Mark Of The Octopus.

Comedy follows with Cliff Norton in The Funny Manns.  Cliff, a busy side character in dozens of early TV shows, starred as a variety of people all with the last name Mann.  Each had a special calling – Fisher Mann, Law, Mann, Hu Mann, Ro Mann and so on.  He introduced what were supposed to be films of his relatives but what were actually segments of early silent slapstick comedies.  This bit is called Taxi Mann.  Then we wrap things up with the legend himself – Buster Keaton in The Buster Keaton Show.  Buster, whose unmatched show biz career as an actor, producer, director, writer, and stunt man spanned 68 years, starred in a variety of comical situations starting with a local Los Angeles show in 1950 and going national in 1951.  Here we find Buster trying to get physically fit in Buster In Training.

Situated in The Dark Vault Den/Viewing Room with Max and Stone Dog and Charlotte, UNCLE PETE brings you tidbits of knowledge about the shows and comments that no one else could (or should) bring to your TV tube.  So join UNCLE PETE this Saturday night, September 8, 2018 from 10PM to midnight with replays at midnight and 2AM on channel 1301 for Binghamton, Montrose/Sayre and northern PA and for the Corning area and most of southern NY, channel 99  for Utica/Rome, channel 30 (North Country – Champlain/Malone/Massena/Ogdensburg/Watertown) and channel 2 (Plattsburgh/Tupper Lake, and Saranac Lake) and in Ithaca, NY, channel 13 at 9PM and midnight.  It’s aliens, sea beasts, shape shifters, and plenty of pratfalls with the Classic Television Spectacular – Pt. V on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!


~ by UNCLE PETE on September 9, 2018.

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