Robercon Weekend!  UNCLE PETE out and in person at the convention!  Road Trip!!!  The Mobile Dark Vault is on the road, so join UNCLE PETE and his designated driver rat Max as they hit the blacktop this week in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN with for some rubber burning, speed limit ignoring action – Hot Rod Girl!  Street racing is runnin’ wild, so Detective Ben Merrill (Chuck Connors), some of the cooler local rodders and mechanic Jeff Northrup (John Smith) set up a drag strip for hot rodders to hot rod at in their hot rods (at least when they wreck, it won’t be on somebody’s front lawn).  Everything is real George and the top dragger just happens to be Lisa Vernon (Lori Nelson) – Jeff’s girl – in her T-Bird!  But Jeff’s younger brother gets croaked in a street race (on somebody’s front lawn), Jeff quits the scene for good and a JD by the name of Bronc shows up in his high-powered mill and starts bugging Lisa.  Not so nifty anymore.  Jeff gets sucked into a street race, a kid on a bike gets croaked and the evidence points to Jeff.  It’s up to Lisa, Detective Ben, and the gang to help Jeff straighten out this mess and give Bronc a straightening out too.

Directed by Leslie Martinson (Green Hornet, Dusty’s Trail, CHiPs), the flic also features Frank Gorshen as Flat Top, Eddie Ryder as Two Tanks, and Dabbs Greer as service station owner Henry Frye. The swinging soundtrack was composed and conducted by Alexander Courage (who went to the same school as UNCLE PETE and later did the Star Trek  music). One of the few hot rod movies you’ll find with an oboe player listed in the credits (Gordon Schoneberg), from 1956, it’s Hot Rod Girl. (Check out some of the famous band members in the credits including a new trumpet player by the name of Maynard Ferguson.)

UNCLE PETE and Max and Stone Dog are cruising in Mobile Vault One on a road trip up to Lake Dark Vault. While UNCLE PETE runs into (and over) a plethora of interesting characters on the way, he also finds time to bring you music (Jody Miller singing Things), a spot about the brand new 1956 Ford Thunderbird, a James Dean safe driving public service announcement, and a Chevrolet sponsored short starring Gail Storm entitled How To Go Places .

Convention fun this week with Hot Rod Girl, Saturday, September 29, 2018 from 10PM to midnight on channel 1301 in Binghamton, northern PA and Elmira/Corning/Hornell, channel 99 in Utica/Rome, channel 30 in the North Country of upstate New York), channel 2 for Plattsburgh, Saranac and Tupper Lakes, and channel 2 for our newest viewers in Cortland County with replays at midnight and 2AM. And it’s channel 13 in Ithaca at 0PM and Midnight. So join UNCLE PETE (and bring your oboe) for the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN! (And drop by Robercon on Sunday and see UNCLE PETE!_

(For BETA MAX TV watchers on all ROKU TVs and Devices, it’s The Impossible Kid!)


~ by UNCLE PETE on September 30, 2018.

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