Many of you tuned in to watch THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN last night (11/3) to see Uncle Pete battle a lake monster and show a double feature. Instead, you saw a handful of people square dancing in an institutional dining area in some building somewhere. No, that wasn’t THE DARK VAULT – although it was kind of bizarre.

Spectrum screwed up AGAIN!!!!! Yeah, I know. Hard to believe, right? In the middle of last week, I spoke with the guy responsible for making sure the Dark Vault actually makes it to your TV and was informed that Spectrum central had overstepped his feed with a signal from some other control facility in New York State (somewhere upstate in one of the few areas that The Dark Vault doesn’t currently broadcast to). This had been going on since last Sunday sometime and he had already notified the engineers of the problem. And in typical Spectrum cable fashion, THEY HAVEN’T FIXED IT YET!!!

So, I apologize for The Dark Vault not running last night. Unfortunately, it’s not only out of my hands at the moment but it’s also even out of the hands of the hands of the guy (Jim) who has been responsible for making sure the show aired faithfully (almost) every Saturday night for over 11 years!

What now? Call and complain! The more complaints the better. I’ll be contacting them again on Monday. They obviously are not doing their job when the same square dancing program has been airing for 7 days straight now. Spectrum (and previously Time Warner) repeatedly makes it clear through their actions and inact

ions that they wish the public access channels would go away. But they are required by law and by license to maintain them, so they do so, after a fashion.

Let ’em know that you want this fixed. And feel free to contact me here or at unclepeteshow at gmail.com and let me know if the show is or isn’t airing where you are (or if you’d like it to air). Hopefully this problem will be corrected soon. And in the meantime, maybe you might want to look into getting a Roku device. The Dark Vault and a lot of great movies and other hosted programs are always there on Beta Max TV for your enjoyment. (www.betamaxtv.com/) And square dancing is never mandatory on Beta Max TV!!!

Stay tuned! We’re not going away!


~ by UNCLE PETE on November 5, 2018.

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