According to UNCLE PETE, brains are sorta like cold cuts – if you don’t take the proper care, they go bad.  And when you spend a lot of time in THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN, both things can go beyond bad.  But in outer space, sometimes the go just plain evil as the people of Earth find out in this week’s feature –  Evil Brain From Outer Space!!!   And when you’ve got an evil brain from out there, the man to call of course is the Man Of Strongest Steel – Starman!  The brain of the mostly dead Balazar that unleashes all sorts of nasty alien creatures whose touch means instant death to a mere mortal so Starman has his hands full this week.  Starring Junko Ikeuchi, Minoru Takadi, and of course, Ken Utsui as Starman in the 1964 thriller, Evil Brain From Outer Space.

Meanwhile back at THE VAULT, UNCLE PETE is doing a little cleaning up in one of his secret hiding places.  You never know what you’ll find when you start cleaning up a long forgotten part of the VAULT, and this time, UNCLE PETE uncovers a great sale circular from Fowler’s and, even more tasty, a well aged baloney (pronounced bologna) sandwich.  Maybe it’s not true that baloney gets better with age, and after chomping it down, UNCLE PETE takes a little side trip into a place very few have ever been.  But besides cleaning and discovering and snacking, he also finds time to bring you some music from the High Lows  and a Three Stooges short from 1949.  The trio searches for a priceless gem and serves up some treats at the Cafe Casbahbah in Malice In The Palace.  Even Santa Claus makes an appearance (he does that occasionally in the off-season).

So join UNCLE PETE for fun, action, and some trippy parts this Saturday, June 29, 2019 from 10PM to midnight on channel 1301 in the Binghamton, Corning/Elmira/Corning and northern Pennsylvania viewing areas, channel 99 around  Utica/Rome, channel 30 in the North Country, and channel 2 for the Champlain, Tupper and Saranac Lakes and Cortland County with a replay at midnight.  And on channel 13 in Ithaca, NY, the show time is 9PM – 11PM with a replay from midnight  – 2AM.  It’s strange creatures and stranger baloney as we bring you Evil Brain From Outer Space, our next feature presentation on the DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!

And this week on Beta Max TV on the Roku devices (www.betamaxtv.com) it’s the Classic TV Spectacular – Pt II featuring a grab bag of western shows from the golden age of television.


~ by UNCLE PETE on June 29, 2019.

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