We’re in the second week of Spooky Scary Month!  So to keep the spookiness going, UNCLE PETE has imported some demonic entities from a little shop in deepest, darkest, scariest Africa for this week’s THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN  It’s the 1974 scare fest Abby.  While on an archaeological dig in a cave in Nigeria, the explorers led by Dr. Garrett Williams (William “Blacula” Marshall), unwittingly release a demon trapped in a strange box.  The demon, thought to be the spirit of Eshu, the evil god of chaos (a DARK VAULT staple), of course immediately travels to Louisville, Kentucky and possesses Dr. Williams’ daughter-in-law Abby (Carol Speed).  Also starring Terry Carter as Emmett Williams and featuring the song Is Your Soul A Witness (written and performed by Carol Speed), it’s Abby.

And speaking of Spooky and Scary, this show is a rarely seen rebroadcast of the very first episode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN that originally aired over 12 years ago.  You’ll see the first appearance of UNCLE PETE and El Vato, the introduction of the Spectral Disembobulator ™, and the first shots of THE DARK VAULT on footage originally made frame by frame by a small bird’s beak on individual stone tablets.  Along the way, the show was digitally remastered so as to preserve every bit of raw strangeness from the earliest days of THE DARK VAULT.  You’ll also see some of the first product ads from the world of Vito Gold Enterprises!  So tune in Friday, October 11, in Rochester/ western Monroe County on channel 1301 at 10PM and midnight and Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 10PM til midnight (with a replay at midnight) on channel 1301 for the Binghamton area, Corning/Elmira/Hornell, southern NY and northern PA, channel 99 for the Utica/Rome area, channel 30 all around the North Country of New York State, channel 2 for the Champlain, Tupper, and Saranac Lake areas and all over Cortland County, and channel 98 in Syracuse at 11PM with a replay on Thursday, October 17 at 10PM.  In Ithaca, NY, the channel is 13 and the times are 9PM and midnight.  It’s UNCLE PETE and Abby this week in the first episode of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!

(For all our Roku – Beta Max TV viewers, this week it’s magic, zombies, and evil warlords in SPOOKY SORCERERS on all Roku devices and Roku TVs.)

~ by UNCLE PETE on October 12, 2019.

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