The Halloween tradition continues!  Join UNCLE PETE for his annual trip to The Cinema Graveyard for our Halloween week DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN showing of Night Of The Living Dead!  To celebrate this special day, UNCLE PETE fires up the Dark Vault Cruiser and “heads” off to the boneyard to personally dig up this week’s feature.

Night Of The Living Dead, director George Romero’s first horror film, is set in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area (and that’s pretty scary already).  The dead have risen from their graves everywhere and have an appetite for human flesh.  One theory in the film is that contamination from a returning space probe is responsible, but I always suspected fluoride.

Our movie opens in a fun place that looks much like the Cinema Graveyard.  Barbra (Judith O’Dea) and her brother encounter the first of many walking dead (Bill Hinzman) who kills the brother and pursues Barbra (guess the dead scared the “a” out of her name) to a farmhouse where she meets our hero Ben (Duane Jones).  A few other regular folks drop by.  And then it’s a non-stop parade of hungry ghouls.

Although called ghouls rather than zombies in the movie, this film set the tone for zombies to be thought of not as products of voodoo, but flesh-eating meanies.  From George Romero, whose previous directing included industrial safety films, commercials, and some MisterRoger’s Neighborhood episodes, it’s the grandfather of modern zombie movies, 1968’s Night Of The Living Dead.


Amongst the marble and granite of the Cinema Graveyard, UNCLE PETE digs up a 1933 treat from one of our favorite cartoon teams – Tom and Jerry (the tall guy and the short guy, not the cat and mouse) – on the trail of a mummy thief in Magic Mummy.  But UNCLE PETE is not alone.  There’s a slow-moving friend (or perhaps fiend) approaching from behind with the air of rotting flesh – and he looks hungry!


Start your Halloween celebrations this Friday, October 25, 2019 in Rochester/ western Monroe County on channel 1301 at 10PM and midnight and Saturday, October 26, 2019 from 10PM til midnight (with a replay at midnight) on channel 1301 for the Binghamton area, Corning/Elmira/Hornell, southern NY and northern PA, channel 99 for the Utica/Rome area, channel 30 all around the North Country of New York State, channel 2 for the Champlain, Tupper, and Saranac Lake areas and all over Cortland County, and channel 98 in Syracuse at 11PM with a replay on Halloween night, Thursday, October 31 at 10PM.  In Ithaca, NY, the channel is 13 and the times are 9PM and midnight.  Tune in early to see the original Dark Vault Cruiser tour through the Cinema Graveyard – some rare footage not unlike the opening of our movie.  It’s UNCLE PETE (and uninvited friend) bringing you Night Of The Living Dead on the next DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!

And, in a rare occurrence, Night Of The Living Dead is also featured this week on Beta Max TV on all Roku devices and TVs!

~ by UNCLE PETE on October 26, 2019.

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