THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN is one of the longest running television programs produced in Binghamton, New York. Established in 2007, it continues to spotlight classic cult cinema and television ephemera that you often won’t find on local (and cable) television anymore. Part local movie host nostalgia, part time machine: 100% entertainment.

THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN is both the only independently-produced weekly television program in the Broome County area currently active, AND the longest running, non-news oriented television program produced in Binghamton television history. (UNCLE PETE stands as the area’s first genuine late night movie host, to boot!)

THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN began airing every Saturday night at 10pm on various channels on Time-Warner Cable of Greater Broome County in 2007. Though the channel has changed over the years the time slot has not. In 2015 we went from airing once a week to airing every Saturday night from 10pm until 4am (three-peats!) on cable channel 4. The DARK VAULT also runs on Time-Warner channel 99 in the Elmira/Hornell/Corning area, and on Time-Warner channel 17 in the Sayre/Montrose Pennsylvania area with replays at midnight and 2AM every Saturday night. We also air every Saturday night @ 10pm, Sunday mornings @ 2am, and on Sunday nights @ 10pm on ACTV (Channel 20 for Comcast cable subscribers).

Over the years, THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN has been broadcast in Chicago; Austin, TX; Columbus, OH; Fayetteville, AR; Long Island, NY;  Cambridge, OH; Houston, TX; and New Bedford, MA. We still pop up on various cable channels around North America. This milestone also makes THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN one of the most widely-distributed television programs ever produced in Broome County.

In 2007 we had two seasons of internet-exclusive “webisodes” that ran concurrently on STAGE6 (defunct) and VEOH and Google Video (defunct). In 2008, a spin-off series – THE DARK VAULT OF KUNG FU – was produced.

Our Youtube page (Which will be developed greatly in 2016) is:


If you would like to contact Uncle Pete, do so at: unclepeteshow via gmail.com

To contact Pestilence Pictures International (producers of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN) write to: darkvaultpd via gmail.com

Thank you for your interest and support of THE DARK VAULT OF PUBLIC DOMAIN!!!!!


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